Czech railways books and periodicals

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All named magazines and lot of books of railway subjects are available in specialized shops of NADATUR (Publishing of transportation and tourism). Two are localized in Prague, one directly in hall of Masarykovo station, second about 200 meters far from it, in Hybernská street, just in the same house as seat of NADATUR. The shop in town of Marianske Lazne was closed with 30th June 1998. Whole address of NADATUR, where you can ask for every offered publication also on delivery, see below after chapter about magazine Dráha. Lot of offer of NADATUR should be available also in its contractual shops in another towns in Czech repulic :

Z+Z Model, s.r.o.
Lannova 53

Knihkupectvi D+G
Obchodni dum
Hlavni trida 23

Knihkupectvi P.Dockal
Josefska 25/27
CZ-602 00 BRNO


I thing the best present railway magazine is DRÁHA (="Track"). By begin of 1993 it started as black and white, simple-printed enthusiasts' magazine, in December 1994 it radically changed its graphical form. Now it has 28 pages on coated paper, lot of colour and black and white pictures. It deals both with czech and slovak and foreign railways. From inland it shows both history and present and news, with emphasis on the present, which soon should be history...Articles about some concrete row often includes its circulations. Reportages from abroad are mostly from still mysterious (post-)comunistic countries' railways, such as Ukrainian or Romanian forest narrow-gauge lines, or some another romantic lines. It also gives attention to city transport - mostly trams and trolley buses, also from abroad. At the back there is brief summary in english and german languages. Dráha is published by NADATUR (Publishing of transportation and tourism), issued each month, costs 49 Czech crowns. Its address :
Hybernská 5
CZ-110 00 PRAHA 1
phone : 02(from abroad 004202)/2466 5704
fax : 02(from abroad 004202)/2421 9547

Next one is ZELEZNICE (="Railway"). It deals with the same topics as Dráha, plus model railways. Also both colour and black and white, 60 pages, including small poster. After long pause, made by financial troubles, it is issued again, but this year (1998) it should be again canceled... In 1995 there were also issued special number dealing with 150 years of railways in Prague,in autumn 1996 was issued special number about fast train steam engine of row 498.0.
Its address :
Nad vinným potokem 4
CZ-100 00 PRAHA 10
phone : 02(from abroad 004202)/246 173 85
Zeleznice has also its own html page with brief summary of last numbers.

Rather new is ZELEZNICNI MAGAZIN (="Railway magazine"). It originated in Magazin modelove zeleznice, which dealt about model railways, but later they added also real railway, so in half of 1996 it let out "modelove" from its title. Now it deals in the first half with real railway, and in the second with model railway. In comparison with previous it gives more attention to foreign railways (often swiss). Lot of colour pictures.
Address :
Zeleznicní magazín
Kúty 1956
CZ-760 01 ZLÍN

Stating in 1990 is issued ZELEZNICNI FANDA (="Railway fan"). Deals wtih czech and slovak railways, both present and history. Most of contents take articels about some conrete row, engine or line, rather skilled and work out. Deals also with model railway. Since 1995 it has about 45 pages on coated paper, mostly black and white pictures. In 1997 was issued one double-number with 90 pages, costs 79 crowns. This year next one number or double-number should be issued and one special number dealing with local railways under Ríp mountain (northwest from Prague). At first this special number should be sold on nostalgic ride action "Zlonice '97" (16.August, see page about nostalgic rides).
Address :
Jaroslav Velín
Václavské námestí CZ-110 00 PRAHA 1
phone to chiefeditor Jaroslav Velín - 266 325 (home), 2011 1666 (work)
In 1995 started K-REPORT. It's issued by railway enthusiasts from Faculty of transportation in Prague. It is black and white, simple copied, small format, about 18 pages. It brings actual reportages from czech and slovak railways, everytime with some circulations. Some pages give attention to city transportation, also foreign. It is issued monthly, during high season - April to September - twice a month, costs 15 Czech crowns. It hasn't any official editor's office. This address is to one of editors :
Václav Haas
Majerského 2034
CZ-149 00 PRAHA 4

ZELEZNICAR (="Railwayman") is official weekly of Czech railways , it has graphic form as newspaper, usually 8 pages. Contains official informations of Czech railways and its represantatives, reportages from traffic, railway travels. Also deals with rail vehicels, but usually not so skilled as previous named magazines. Costs 3 Czech crowns.
Address :
Redakce Zeleznicar
Generalni reditelstvi Ceskych drah
nabrezi Ludvika Svobody 12
110 15 PRAHA 1
phone : 02(from abroad 004202)/2303 3090
fax : 02(from abroad 004202)/2303 3092

CD PRO VÁS (="Czech railways for You") is determined for railway passengers. It is distributed free in trains of higher quality and in stations. Although its readers are lay public, so it doesn't deals with technical details or another special problems, it notices lot of matters of interest, which could railway traveller meet. Also articels about history of some well-known or important stations or lines, and travel reportages. All pictures are colourful, 40 pages. It is issued by editors of Zeleznicar (see higher), as advertisment magazine of Czech railways, unregularly, about 4 times per year.

DOPRAVA (="Transport") is economic and technical review, as it written in its heading. It contains articels, essays and statistics about different problems of transport and every factors, which deals with it (environment, economics, informative systems, ...). It is issued by Ministery of transport, in Transport development centre (DRS) of Czech republic. It is black and white (predominate texts and statistical numbers) with colour cover, costs 25 Czech crowns, four numbers per year.
Address :
redakce casopisu Doprava
U Luzickeho seminare 2
CZ-118 01 PRAHA 1

Railway trade-union publishes OBZOR (="Horizon"). Graphic form as newspaper, something as opposite of official Zeleznicar, so sometimes more objective and sometimes intolerantly critical, sometimes something between it. Also informations about rail vehicels and railways, but not too skilled, even infantile..

STROJVUDCE (="Engine-driver") is similar to Obzor, issued by trade-union Federation of engine-drivers.


Of course there were issued many and many publications, which dealt with railways, but all named below are new or should be still available in the present.
Jiri Jelen, Karel Sellner : LOKOMOTIVY(="Locomotives")
Coherent overwiev of evolution of rail vehicels in area of former Czechoslovakia. Named really all locomotives and motor coaches, which were here used, completed with tables with theirs technical datas. Bound, 150 pages, 150 colour and black and white pictures. Costs 390 Czech crowns. Published by NADATUR.

Karel Benes : ZELEZNICE NA PODKARPATSKÉ RUSI(="Railways in Carpatian Ukraine")
Witness to evoluion of railways in this territory by till this time unpublished materials. Of course first of all intent on forest railways, theirs history and the present. Paperback-cover, 163 pages, 127 black and white archival photos, 47 colour pictures, over 30 maps. Published by NADATUR. Costs 290 Czech crowns.
Ivan Zilincík : KYSUCKO - ORAVSKÁ LESNI ZELEZNICE(="Forest railway in Kysuce - Orava region")
Monograph about this unique railway, which takes place in middle slovakian mountanious territory. Describes its begining, ages of prosperity, but also decline and efforts to save it. Lot of attention is given to used locomotives. Paperback-cover, 60 pages, 50 colour and black and white pictures. Published by NADATUR. Costs 228 Czech crowns.
EDICE "PROFILY"(="Edition Profiles")
This edition is dedicated to present rail vehicels on Czech railways. Each publication is made as 16 free sheets in cover, one sheet = one loco, included picture, technical drawing, technical datas, brief text about begining, using and description of the vehicel, location in depots (but allready not so actual). All published by NADATUR. By that time were issued :
Karel Sellner : MOTOROVÉ LOKOMOTIVY I(="Diesel locos, 1st part")
With black and white pictures, costs 42 Czech crowns.
Karel Sellner : ELEKTRICKÉ LOKOMOTIVY I(="Electric locos, 1st part")
With colour pictures, costs 58 Czech crowns.
Jaromír Kozinka : PARNÍ LOKOMOTIVY I(="Steam locos, 1st part")
With colour pictures, costs 58 Czech crowns.

Different authors : ZELEZNICE CECH, MORAVY A SLEZSKA(="Railways of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia")
Representative picture publication, published by Czech railways to 150th anniversary (August 1995) of railway in Bohemia - line Olomouc-Prague. Describes building of this line, its leader enginer Jan Perner, engines, coaches, railway buildings from all czech territories and theirs perspectives. Bound, 150 pages, 150 colour and black and white pictures, maps and drawings. Costs 240 Czech crowns.

Lubos Cermák : Z HISTORIE TRATI CHOCEN-BROUMOV V DATECH A OBRAZECH(="About history of Chocen-Broumov line in datas and pictures")
Perfectly compiled informations about these over 120 years old east-bohemian line. This monograph includes all important datas, such as locomotives basing through nearly all history, locomotives marking, technical datas about rail stock used here, examples of timetables, track-yards lay-outs, lot of pictures of rail stock, buildings, rail employees, events, which concerned the line,... Bound, 336 pages, 537 black and white and 32 colour pictures. Issued with beginning of 1998. Costs 499 Czech crowns.

Pavel Schreiner, Jan Kofron, Vaclav Sosna : MASARYKOVO NADARAZI (150 let zeleznice v Praze)(="Masaryk's station (150 years of railway in Prague")
History and evolution of the first Prague's station since its begining to the present. 50 illustrations, engravings and pictures. Bound, published by Czech railways, costs 69 Czech crowns.
Svatopluk Slechta, Jiri Maurer : TOULKY SPÁROU (="Rambles with steam")
Romantical moments with steam engines by uniqual colour pictures. Published by NADAS (precursor of NADATUR), allready some year ago - only limited number is available. Bound, 136 pages, 149 pictures, costs 75 Czech crowns.
Milan Doubek, Ladislav Kunc : HNACIE VOZIDLÁ SR (="Locos and motor coaches of Slovak republic")
Technical datas, picture, technical drawing and brief text about begining, using and description of the vehicels, which were used by Railways of Slovak republic by its begining - 1st January 1993. Also brief slovak-english-german-french-russian vocabulay of railway terms. Published by NADAS AFGH s.r.o. (continuator of NADAS in Slovakia, seats in town Vrútky, where it has own shop, about 200 meters opposite the railway station), costs 150 Czech crowns.
Last update 7.March 1998