Passenger trains

SC - SuperCity
One pair of this category trains on Czech railways :
SC 502/503 "Manager" Bohumin-Ostrava-Praha and v.v.
In Czech railway's internal rules, this trains are included in IC cattegory, but for public it's presented as something more - with extra services (phone, refreshment, computer connection, news) and extra price, this trains carry only first-class coaches and, of course, dining car. The train runs with the only two intermediate stops - in Ostrava hl.n. and its suburb on Ostrava-Svinov and then 353 km without any stop to Praha. The passengers have to pay 1st class ticket, IC supplement (see further) and the higher-quality supplement. The train runs only on workdays, except christmas-New year period.
EC - EuroCity
Train of higher quality with supplement (60 Czech crowns for both classes). The supplement isn't needed while travelling over Czech/Slovak frontiers from Breclav for Kuty (frontiers stations).
I thing it's not necessary to explain it further... 15 pairs of EC trains are running through the Czech republic :
EC 50/51 "Karlstejn" Praha-Dortmund and v.v.
EC 70/71 "Antonín Dvorak" Wien-Praha and v.v.
EC 72/73 "Smetana" Wien-Praha and v.v.
EC 74/75 "Johann Gregor Mendel" Wien-Praha and v.v. (runs only in July and August)
EC 76/77 "Comenius" Budapest-Praha and v.v.
EC 78/79 "Csárdás" Budapest-Praha and v.v.
EC 104/105 "Sobieski" Wien-Warszawa and v.v.
EC 130/131 "Polonia" Budapest-Warszawa and v.v.
EC 166/167 "Albert Einstein" Praha-München and v.v.
EC 168/169 "Jan Hus" Dresden-Praha and v.v.
EC 170/171 "Hungaria" Budapest-Berlin ZOO and v.v.
EC 172/173 "Vindobona" Wien-Hamburg Altona and v.v.
EC 174/175 "Alois Negrelli" Praha-Hamburg Altona and v.v.
EC 176/177 "Porta Bohemica" Praha-Hamburg and v.v.
EC 178/179 "Carl-Maria von Weber" Praha-Kiel and v.v.
EC 204/205 Petrovice u Karviné-Kraków and v.v. (through coaches Wien-Kraków and v.v. from/for EC 104/105)
IC - InterCity
Similar to EC but often not so comfortable and either slower or not going abroad (or both..). Supplement only 30 CZK now.
2 pairs of international connections and 2 and one one-way train pairs inland :
IC 120/121 "Kosican" Kosice-Praha and v.v.
IC 122/123 "Odra" Kosice-Praha and v.v.

IC 500/501 "Ostravan" Bohumin-Praha and v.v.
IC 504/505 "Jan Perner" Bohumin-Praha and v.v.
IC 506 "Hutnik" Bohumin-Praha (one way train)
The supplement :
  • same as EC trains - 60 CZK

    Ex - Express
    Train of higher quality, composed of modernized rail stock(except Ex 550/1) and travelling shorter time, but without any supplement.
    Ex 108/109 "Praha" Warszava-Praha and v.v.
    Ex 124/125 "Laborec" Medzilaborce-Praha and v.v. (through coaches Zvolen-Praha and v.v.), overnight train
    Ex 140/141 "Detvan" Zvolen-Praha and v.v.
    Ex 264/265 "Franz Kafka" Praha-München and v.v. (in Gemany scheduled as IR - InterRegio)
    Ex 520/521 "Sohaj" Zlin-Praha and v.v.
    Ex 530/531 "Moravan" Bohumin-Brno and v.v.
    Ex 532/533 "Budvar" Ceske Budejovice-Praha and v.v.
    Ex 550/551 "Kralovehradecky expres" Hradec Kralove-Praha-Plzen and v.v.
    Ex 570/571 "Brnensky drak" Brno-Praha and v.v.
    R - Rychlík
    = fast train. Without any supplement. Just ordinary fast train, both international and inland, both day and overnight, both for long and shorter distances, both with lot of cars and just motor coach with some trailer....Dining-cars or refreshment-compartments are available only in some international connections, very seldom in domestic connections...
    System of numbering :
    200 to 499 - international trains
    600 to 900 - inland trains
    1100 to 1299 - international trains running only seasonly
    1300 to 1399 - fast trains carrying only mail
    1400 to 1599 - inland trains going only some days in week
    Sp - Spesny vlak
    = semifast train. Similar to fast train, but stops more-times or going on some slow railway. Mostly only second class coaches, on regional lines often as motor coaches. Only two pairs are international (to Austrian Gmüend NÖ). Numbered from 1600 to 1999.
    Os - Osobni vlak
    . = passenger train. All slow passenger trains, mostly stop everywhere, only second class. On main lines numbered from 2000 to 9999, on local lines from 10000 to 28999. Freight trains with passenger traffic are numbered as freight trains category Mn, Pv (see further), so it's easy to recognize them in the timetable.
    Sv - Soupravovy vlak
    Set of passenger coaches, but going empty without passenger traffic, so not written in the passenger trains' timetable. Numbered as passenger train category Os or as fast train with 29 before number of train which it was (for example coaches of train 252 are going as train 29252). Used, when coaches of some fast train are pulled out to another station or yard to put aside. Mostly used in Praha.

    Freight trains

    Nex - Expresni nakladni vlak
    = Express freight train. Freight train with the highest priority, able to run at 100 km/h. Mostly international, some of them classified as TEEM or TEF. Inland only about 8 pairs of trains, mostly intermodal.
    Rn - Rychly nakladni vlak
    = Fast freight train. Inland(mostly) freight train of higher priority, able to run at 80 km/h. Mostly train carrying mail or parcels.
    Sn - Spesny nakladni vlak
    = Semifast freight train. Train of higher priority, often international, some also inland, able to run at 75 km/h.
    Vn - Vyrovnavkovy nakladni vlak
    = Compensation freight train (hardly to translate it..). Empty train of cars used for carrying the same goods, going back to be loaded. Mostly train of empty coal-cars (or sand, ore,..). Able to run at 75 km/h.
    Pn - Prubezny nakladni vlak
    = Through freight train. Ordinary mixed freight train going from one station or marshalling yard, where this trains are composed to another. Able to run at 60 km/h.
    Mn - Manipulacni nakladni vlak
    = Manipulating freight train. Local freight train going through one line and taking (or leaving) cars from stations on this line to some bigger station or marshalling yard, where they are marshalled to different trains of higher category (mostly Pn). On most of local lines it's the only freight train which is running there, on lines with low loading only some days in the week, often except Mondays and Sundays, even to going only three or two days during weekdays.
    Pv - Prestavovaci vlak
    = Removing train. Nearly the same as Mn, but taking cars only from one small station to the bigger station (or to another one small station where is connection to another Pv train).
    Lv - Lokomotivni vlak
    = Locomotive train. Solo locomotive(s) running regularly. Some irregular run of solo loco is going under number of freight train, which isn't going or its follow.
    P - Pracovni vlak = Working train. Some maintenance train or something similar. Running irregularly, only seldom written in the timetable.
    Vlec - Vleckovy vlak
    = Train going on the line of Czech railways and then turning to some private industrial railway of some firm to carry there needed cars. In the czech language there is special term for that railway or train going there - "vlecka".
    Sluz - Sluzebni vlak
    = Service train. Some train for requirement and need of Czech railways (employees transport,...).

    Numbering system of freight trains :
    40000 to 49999 international trains
    the second number (mostly) determined another characteristic of the train :
    0 - train of EUC (Europ Unit Cargo) network
    1 - fast freight train
    2,3 - container train or another intermodal train of TEC netwrok
    4,5,6 - the other trains, except previous and following (numbers 7,8,9)
    7,8 - trains carrying whole only one sort of goods.
    9 - trains category Vn = with only empty waggons
    The third number should be determined according to relation - geographical location of the train in Europe...
    50000 to 59999 inland train category Nex, Rn, Sn, Vn
    The second number should determine the region, wher the train begins, the third number where is destination of the train.
    The fourth number (with some exceptions) determined another characteristic of the train :
    0 - train category Nex
    1 - train category Rn
    2 - container train or another intermodal train
    3,4,5 - train category Sn
    6,7,8,9 - train category Vn
    60000 to 69999 inland trains category Pn
    The second number should determine the region, wher the train begins, the third number where is destination of the train.
    70000 to 79999 trains category Lv
    The second number should determine the region, wher the train begins, the third number where is destination of the train.
    80000 to 89999 trains category Mn, Vlec
    The second number should determine the region, wher the train begins, the third number where is destination of the train.
    Trains category Vlec have the fourth and fifth numbers between 80 and 99.
    90000 to 99999 trains category Pv, P
    The second number should determine the region, wher the train begins, the third number where is destination of the train.

    Last update 23.July 2000