Railway museums in Czech republic


Exposition of working and non-working steam locomotives, such as 310.006, or old acumulate locomotive .. and lot of another railway historic documents, situated in building of former heating-house.
Opening hours in 1999 :
April, May, June, September, October : Sat, Sun
July, August : Tues-Sund

9.00 - 16.00

Situated on junction of the lines 030 Pardubice-Liberec and 032 Jaromer-Trutnov, about 135 km east from Prague, direct Hradec Kralove. The museum is situated near the station.
This muzeum organises also nostalgic rides from Jaromer to Nachod, using loco 310.006, see my
nostalgic rides page.

Luzna u Rakovnika

Exposition of working and non-working steam locomotives, owned by National Technical Museum of Prague (for example 300.619, 433.049, 534.0323).
In the year 1999 opened on Saturdays and Sundays to 12th September (from 9.30 to 17.00), On following days connected with some nostalgic ride :
  • 22.,23.May - ceremony of the season-opening, with nostlagic rides to Luzna from Praha, Plzen and Rakovnik and on Kolesovice-Krupa.
  • 5.,6. June , on 5.June old motorcoach ride from Plzen
  • 19.,20. June , on 19.June old motorcoach ride from Plzen
  • 3.,4. July , with steam ride Zatec-Luzna
  • 17.,18. July , on 18.July old motorcoach ride from Plzen
  • 31.July, 1.August, without any accompanying ride
  • 14.,15. August, on 14.August with steam ride Kladno-Luzna
  • 28.,29. August, without any accompanying ride
  • 11.,12. September, with steam ride Luzna-Kolesovice on 11.September. Both days old motorcoach should ride around in the region.
    Situated in former heating-house in area of station Luzna u Rakovnika - junction of lines 120 Praha-Chomutov and 125 Luzna u Rakovnika-Rakovnik. About 50 km north-west from Praha (Prague).
    To see more exact informations about nostalgic rides, check the
    Nostalgic ride page


    Railway museum with exposition of railway safety instalation and deposittary of the industrial railways stock.
    In the year 1999 opened on "each even Saturday since May to September and the 1.,15.,16.,29.May, 12.,26.June.,10.,24.July, 7.,21.August, 4.,18.,19.September" (Verbatim of its official offer, myself I don't understandt it too much...)
    From 8:00 to 15:00
    Zlonice is situated 57 km to northwest from Praha on the line 110 Kralupy nad Vltavou-Most

    Waggonary museum in Studénka

    Museum of
    The Moravian-Silesian Wagon Works Inc. (Moravskoslezská vagonka a.s.), present producer of diesel motor coaches, electric multiple units, goods waggons and another railway vehicels related products.
    The exposition containes historical developement of railway network in Czech and Slovak republic, developement of DMUs, EMUs and goods waggons producing in these regions and developement of the factory, including lot of documents, photos, models, and so..
    Situated in the village of Studenka, which is situated on the main line 270 Ceska Trebova-Bohumin, about 330 km to east from Praha in direct Ostrava-Bohumin. The building of the museum is about 3 km far from the station, reachable by bus (or walk...).
    Opened whole the year, during season (16.6.-28.9.) such as this : Mon, Tue, holidays : closed Wed-Fri : 8.00-13.00 Sat : 8.00-11.00, 13.00-15.30 Sun : 9.00-11.00, 13.00-15.30

    National technical museum in Praha

    Large museum including exhibits and documents of all technical lines. Both railway models, documents and real engines are here.
    Situated not far from centre of the city, Kostelní street 7, Praha 7, CZ-170 00
    Opened whole the year, Tue-Sun 9.00-17.00

    Memories of horse-powered railway - Ceske Budejovice

    Models, documents, and so on commemorating the first middleeuropean horse-powered railway Ceske Budejovice-Linz(-Gmunden). Situated in Ceske Budejovice, 169 km south from Praha, direct train connection many times per a day.
    Mánesova street 10, Ceske Budejovice.
    Opened May-September, Tue-Sun 9.00-12.00, 13.00-18.00

    Small railway museum in Zubrnice

    Exposition of history and present of the local line Velke Brezno-Vernerice-Ustek. Includes an old railway office, an exposition of historic inspection cars and other historical rail stock (railcrane from the year 1877 Another exhibits are still restored, volunteers are invited.
    Zubrnice is small village 13 km to east from Usti nad Labem, the nearest regular train connection is in 4 km far Velke Brezno on the line 072 Lysa nad Labem-Decin. On some weekends, special trains run on restored railway Velke Brezno-Zubrnice.Otherwise, use the bus connection from Usti nad Labem.
    Opened 3rd April-31st October 1999, Sat,Sun 10.00-18.30.
    Following accompanying rail-related actions will pass in Zubrnice station area :
    24.,25.July - Meeting of dreisins.
    25.September - Little Day of Railwaymen.
    For further informations, look at theirs HomePage, located on

    Museum of railway communication and security technics in Vidnava

    Small museum situated in railway station in small town Vidnava in north Moravia, nearly on the end of the world. Terminal station of local line number 293 from Velka Kras. About 290 km to east from Praha. During begin of November 1998 this museum celebrated the 10th anniversary of its existence.
    Opening hours :
    January-April : Mon-Fri, 9.00 - 15.00
    May-September : Tue-Sun, 9.00 - 16.00
    October : Tue-Sun, 9.00 - 15.00
    November,December : necessary to agree precedely with the custodian (telephone number 0645/67118, calling from Czechia)

    Local railways museum Bayerische Eisenstein

    Although situated in Germany, about 300 meters from terminate station of line 183 Plzen-Zelezna Ruda, because the frontier is running directly through the railway building used together by czech station Zelezna Ruda and german Bayerische Eisenstein. 211 km southwest from Praha
    In 1997 opened till 31.October, Wed-Sun 10.00-12.00, 14.00-18.00