It's rather common tradition, to commemorate round anniversary of a rail line by special steam headed train and some another unusual actions. But there are also some memorabilas which keep the memory of the anniversary - the especially issued envelops and rubber stamps are the most customary. In follow some examples of rubber stamps' prints are presented. All these rubber stamps were made by Mr. Jaroslav Vorel, a commercial employee of railway station Ceská Trebová.

100th anniversary of Svitavy-Policka and Policka-Zdárec u Skutce lines

Year:1996, 1997
Number of the line in timetable:261

Stamp, which commemorates the anniversary of both parts of the line, which passed in two following years. The steam loco class 423.0 is shown.
Stamp commemorating only the first anniversary, while steam engine class 310.0 and Policka town's coat of arms are shown.
Meeting of history and present is recorded here - steam class 422.0 and nowadays freight loco of this line class 731.
Again fast meeting oh history and present, but presented by one loco, one of the first diesels - class 725 (former T 444.0,2). In these days, just Policka depot is the only one on Czech railways, where this class is used, although only as reserve, when newer colleague isn't ready.
Also one of the pioneers of diesel tration on Czechoslovak railways - class 720. Due to its higher reliability it worked longer than class 725, but now it's also disappearing. 720.016 in the same livery design as here is shown, in dark blue and white colors is still from time to time used on Chocen-Litomysl line, not far from Policka.

110th anniversary of Chocen-Vysoké Mýto-Litomysl line

Year : 1982
Number of the line in timetable :016

Coat of arms of all three towns surrounding passenger train hauled by steam loco class 310.0
More schematic picture of some class with three driving axles
Stamp dedicated only to 110th anniversary of railway station in Vysoké Mýto. Drawings shows steam loco class 354.1 and towers of St.Vavrinec gothical church in this town on background.

90th annivarsary of Doudleby nad Orlicí-Vamberk-Rokytnice v Orlických horách line

Year : 1996
Number of the line in timetable : 022

Steam loco class 434.2, while leaving tunnel between Slatina nad Zdobnicí and Pecín. The crown with data of "1000 km" should notice, that just close to this tunnel the 1000th kilometer of local railways, which were guaranteed by the Kingdom of Czech (as part of Austrian monarchy), were finished.

120th anniversary of railway in town of Chotebor

Year :1991
Number of the line in timetable : 238

Rubber stamp dedicated to anniversary of railway station Chotebor. The picture shows fast train steam loco class 475.1.

Stamps dedicated to former rack railway Tanvald-Korenov-Harrachov

Number of the line in timetable :035

This stamp is dedicated to railway station Tanvald, while shows diesel rack railway class 715 (old class T 426.0), built by austrian SGP Graz. The notice around the picture says rather often presented fiction, telling that this line was the only one normal gauge rack railway in Europe.
This stamp, free of any loco picture, commemorates reopening of the Korenov-Harrachov in 1963.

120th anniversary of Ceské Velenice-Praha line

Year : 1991
Number of the lines in timetable :226, 220, 221

Drawing of old steam fast train loco class 375.0 (equal to austrian class 310.2) crossing some bridge, probably over river of Sázava.
This stamp is especially dedicated to 120th anniversary of railway in town of Benesov, which is situated on the line. Another one fast train class - 498.1 is shown here. On the right side the most important place of interest of Benesov region is drawn - the castle of Konopiste.

90th anniversary of Kolín-Ledecko and Kácov-Cercany lines

Year : 1991
Numbers of the lines in timetable :222, 234

The picture shows steam lcoco clas 422.0. The order of stations' names is a little unrealistic, while Cercany and Kácov are situated on the line 222 and Kolín is reachable only through the line 234 from Ledecko between Cercany and Kácov.
Motorcoach class 830/1 (M 262.0,1) leving one of the tunnels on the lines. Although this class is still used by Czech railways, it's not scheduled on the mentioned lines anymore.

120th anniversary of the Sternberk-Sumperk-Dolní Lipka

Year : 1993
Numbers of the lines in timetable : 290, 024

Two steam engines - class 524.1 on the left and class 354.1 on th right are shown here. The name of this line (Moravská pohranicní dráha - Moravian borderland railway) is written up. Even higher the abbreviations of this name and its german translate (Mährische Grenzbahn) are situated.

Another occasions' stamps

Stamp issued to special steam ride around town of Letohrad, dedicated to Nicholas holiday ("Mikulás" in czech. Traditional holiday, passing on 6th December, popular between childern, while Nicholas, together with devil and angel are going on streets to give sweat presents to all "good" childern). The drawing shows popular local lines steam class 310.0 next to the deer in coat of arm of the town Letohrad.