Vision becames reality

Modernization of the Czech railways' 1st railway corridor Decín-Praha-Ceská Trebová-Brno-Breclav, which is part of the international corridor Berlin-Praha-Wien started in 1993 and will be finshed around the year 2002 (?). The reconstruction and modernization of the line enable to reach the speed up to 160 kmph on the czech part of the corridor. Besides this one the Czech railways prepare the modernization of another three corridors.

We'll connect Praha with Berlin and Wien

The consorcium CKD Praha Holding, a.s. - Moravskoslezská Vagonka Studénka, a.s. - Fiat Ferroviaria, S.p.A. - Siemens AG will (on the basis of the win in the competition declared by the Czech railways in the middle of the 1995 year and consequently concluded contract) manufacture ten three-current high-speed EMUs with tilting aluminium body for the 1st modernized corridor. The members of the consorcium are traditional manufacturers of the rail stock and they have many experiences in this domain. The unit should be presented for the first time on the International engineering fair in Brno in September of the year 1999.

The trains for the next century

The speed, comfort, economy, reliability - this are main characteristics of this unconventional and modern units, which conform to international requirements of UIC to be able to run on all important european lines. The newest technologies and materials will be applied during manufacturing of the units and they will represent the top of the present interior and exterior design.

The advantages for the passengers

  • High travelling comfort in air-conditioned and noise-proof coaches.
  • Fluent and quiet run reached by using of tilting systems.
  • Excellent interior, anatomical seats with indivdually managed audio-visual and lighting technics.
  • Free access for handicaped on wheelchairs and special adjustments for them.
  • Refreshment coach with bar, service through the whole train is ensured by stewards.
  • Comfort comparing only with air traffic.
  • Train information system and telephone connection inside.
  • Fax, phone and another manager service.

    The contribution for the Czech railways

  • Raising prestige and competition-ability in international railway traffic.
  • Economical operating of the EMUs thanks to top technical equipment and authomatic train leading (installed coded timetable MAP-ROUTE), recuperation and electric energy savings thanks to aerodynamical forms.
  • Functionally perfect electrical equipment (GTO thyristors, IGBT transistors, diagnostical systems) enables extraordinary savings in maintenance and repairs.
  • World-unique three-current units will be able to run on all main european lines regardless of the current system. The tilt-body systems (tilting by +/- 8) enable up to 30 % faster speed during the run through curves on the line.

    The contribution for the european integrity

  • The through connection of the Czech, German and Austrian railways.
  • The electric three-current train - the first of its kind in the world - rises in the cosorcium of world-distinguished manufacturers. It brings to its members and many suppliers lot of experiences with top technics and it causes the transfer of modern technologies and it verifies the czech industry is able to cooperate with mature european manufacturers. Thanks to reach renown in exacting international markets these high speed units could became basis for future units for european high speed lines.

    Base technical data of the three-current seven cars electric multiple unit with tilting body, in presure-proof version

    Track gauge 1435 mm
    Nominal line voltage 3 kV DC
    15 kV/16 2/3 Hz AC
    25 kV/50 Hz AC
    Maximum speed 230 kmph
    Traction motor output 4 000 kW
    Maximum admissible weight per one wheelset 13,5 t
    Maximum tilt of the body +/-8
    Seating capacity
    1st class
    2nd class

    220 + 2 for handicaped on wheelchairs
    Lavatory with closed system
    Integral construction of the car body made from large aluminium sections.
    Authomatic speed regulation with target braking and MAP-ROUTE equipment.

    CKD Praha holding, a.s.
    Freyova 27
    CZ-190 02 Praha 9
    Czech republic
    Tel.: +42 2 6603 6165
    Fax.: +42 2 6603 5630
    This is verbatim translation of the official prespectus dealing with the EMU class 680.