Czech republic

 Jindrichohradecke mistni drahy, a.s. (Jindrichuv Hradec Local Rails) - well known narrow gauge system in South Bohemia (only in Czech language)
Homepage of mountain railway Most-Moldava

Homepage of 'Sumava south railway' - short, but pictoresque line in Sumava mountains, crossing Czech/German frontier  (only in Czech language) 
A little railway museum Velke Brezno-Zubrnice

Alexander Káldy's railfan homepage dealing with Tanvald-Harrachov former rack railway  only in Czech language 

Muzeum of Industrial Railways
 only in Czech language 

LOKO-MOTIV society
only in Czech language

Iron Monument Club
only in Czech language

Homepage of K-report magazine - rail enthusiasts' magazine about railway traffic (only in Czech language) 
Homepage of 'Rail hiker's club'

Rail friends' club on Transportation Faculty in Pardubice only in Czech language 
"Moravian/Silesian railway page" 
only in Czech language 

Internet railway magazine (in Czech only, meanwhile under reconstruction)
Michael Nemec railfan homepage only in Czech language 
Cristian Knop's Railway and Streetcar Page  pictures of trains in Austria, Czech Republic and Ireland 
Tramway paradise - very interesting page about municipality transportation in Czech towns, dealing not only with tramways 

Slovak republic

Podbrezova - Pohronska Polhora - Tisovec former rack railway  by Jozef Banik. 

Cierny Balog narrow gauge forrest railway  (only in Slovak language ) 

Another homepage about Cierny Balog narrow gauge forrest railway  (only in Czech language )

Railways' Fans Club by University of Zilina only in Slovak, temporarily under reconstruction
Railway modellers' club from Kosice only in Slovak language

Addams' Home Page also in English
Railways' world only in Slovak

Slovak railways' matters of interest , by Miroslav Kozuch

on Czech railways homepage
on K-report homepage
on Moravian/Silesian railway page
on Railways' world (Slovak)